Overbite Correction

An overbite happens when your upper teeth extend beyond your bottom front teeth. A lot of people have a tiny overbite. Though a significant overbite can cause tooth decay, gum disease, and jaw discomfort. Limiting thumb-sucking and pacifier use in children can help them avoid developing an overbite.

Overbite Correction Treatment

Overbite is frequent in both children and adults. The form and/or size of the jaw or teeth is the most typical cause of an overbite. There may be too much or too little space in the jaw region to fit one’s teeth. If an overbite is not addressed, teeth might cluster together and grow in crooked, causing more difficulties.

Overbites are a form of malocclusion, which is an irregular or rough contact between the upper and lower teeth. When the upper and lower teeth align, chewing, and biting is easier. If they are misaligned it can lead to worn enamel, cracked and broken teeth, jaw pain, and a variety of other symptoms. If you believe your child is experiencing an overbite, call our office today to schedule an appointment!

overbite correction
  • What causes an overbite?

    There are several causes of malocclusion, including:

    • Excessive nail biting
    • Teeth grinding
    • Thumb sucking or tongue thrusting
    • Using a pacifier past the age of 3
  • What are the treatment options for an overbite?

    Overbite repair differs between children and adults. If an overbite is discovered during childhood, treatment may include:

    • Growth modification devices, or palate expanders, are used to reposition the jaw during growth spurts.
    • Braces are used to gradually shift all of the teeth into proper alignment.
    • Removal of baby or permanent teeth to create place for adult teeth.
    • Retainers are used after braces to keep the teeth in place.

    In adults, treatment may include:

    • Clear braces are used to reposition just the teeth impacted by an overbite.
    • Jaw alignment surgery
    • Teeth extraction to make way for the remaining teeth

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