Giving your child the healthy smile they deserve

Our Kiddo Pediatric Services

Preventative Care

At Broad Smiles, we care for your children as our own. Your child’s smile is precious and unique, which is why it requires a pediatric expert to take care of it. We are prepared to tend to your child’s specific needs at every stage of their growth. Preventative care encompasses more than regular check-ups and maintenance, Because preventative dentistry is our main focus, we offer a variety of services designed to promote proper teeth development and catch any potential problems.

A young girl sits in a dental exam chair and learns how to brush her teeth

Restorative Dentistry

We want your child to always feel completely confident while smiling. Damaged or stained teeth should never interfere with their development or lower their self-esteem. There are many reasons why restorative dental procedures are needed for children and teenagers. It may be to stop the effects of tooth decay, treat cavities, or preserve space for new teeth to develop. No matter what your child needs, we are here to walk with your family through each stage of treatment and address any concerns.

A young boy sits in a dental exam chair during a checkup

Pediatric Treatments

Our office provides a variety of oral health treatments to help resolve habits or issues that specifically occur in infants, toddlers, children, or teens. We can help if your child has tongue-tie, lip-tie, a thumb sucking habit, is consistently grinding their teeth, and provide care for baby teeth.

A young dental patient sits in an exam chair waiting for her checkup

Specialty Services

While we pride ourselves on being experts on almost any type of dentistry our patients need, we have become known in the local community for a few dental areas, including sedation dentistry, emergency dental, and tooth extractions. Learn more about these dental specialties below.

Young girl with dental invisible braces

Skill. Compassion. Great Service.

Children’s teeth are precious, so seeing an expert pediatric dentist is essential. As a trained specialist, Dr. Park has all the necessary knowledge and equipment to keep your child healthy and ensure they love their visit. What’s more, our office also provides first-class orthodontics so your kids and teens can be properly assessed for developmental issues and provided with the alignment therapy they need.